Build World Class Products

We Are Geeks!

Code with passion

We maintain high code quality standards through code review and regularly update with new techniques and best practices. Life is easier for developers with cool tools such as Github for repo and issues tracking, Slack for remote work and chat, Travis for auto-testing and deployment, and much more.

We Love Great Design

Life is too short for ugly apps. That's why we have a great team of UI/UX designers, and focus on usability, design and quality front-end code!

BTW, We Love Cats

Manage Yourself!

We trust every team member and encourage everyone to be as influential as possible to the company and business. We have flexible hours, remote work options and a flat team structure.

Socially Progressive

Our established company is 6 years old, but we're mostly Post-80s / 90s - founders included! We believe in social changes and contribute to progressive social projects.

Top Quality Code!

We are geeks. We love coding so much we always try new tech, test new way of doing things, contribute to open-sources and do weekly presentation.

Analytical and No BS!

We want to keep our fun environment, so we implement the no asshole rules. We are engineers, so we tend to make data-driven decision. Even most of our sales and marketing colleagues have an Engineering / Computer Science degree!